Taylor, Tim, & Emerson

I fall more in love with this family each time I'm with them. Tim and Taylor have entered the realm of parenthood with unity, patience, and grace. Baby Emerson is a joy, a treasure, a delight. Watching her parents delight over her and in her fills me with joy. Taylor and Tim, may you receive this blessing as you continue your journey as parents:

As a Child Enters the World

As I enter my new family,
May they be delighted
At how their kindness
Comes into blossom.

Unknown to me and them,
May I be exactly the one
To restore in their forlorn places
New vitality and promise.

May the hearts of others
Hear again the music
In the lost echoes
Of their neglected wonder.

If my destiny is sheltered,
May the grace of this privilege
Reach and bless the other infants
Who are destined for torn places.

If my destiny is bleak,
May I find in myself
A secret stillness
And tranquility
Beneath the turmoil.

May my eyes never lose sight
Of why I have come here,
That I never be claimed
By the falsity of fear
Or eat the bread of bitterness.

In everything I do, think,
Feel, and say,
May I allow the light
Of the world I am leaving
To shine through and carry me home.

~John O'Donohue