Amanda & Jacob

The love these two high school sweethearts share is delightful and restful, bold and tender. It was a gift to watch them play together throughout our shoot with the kind of intimate familiarity only time can bring.

A John Denver lullaby comes to mind as I think of them and the warmth with which they will soon welcome their first child:

No One Like You

I like your eyes.
I like your nose.
I like your mouth.
Your ears, your hands, your toes.

I like your face.
It's really you.
I like the things you say and do.
There's not a single soul
Who sees the skies
The way you see them.
Through your eyes.

And aren't you glad
You should be glad
There's no one, no one
Exactly like you.

Amanda and Jacob, your little boy is so lucky to have exactly you for his parents.